Facilities and Operations



• Cross Docking

• 100% Service Rate

• Offices in USA, Canada and Hong Kong

• Capabilities for global sourcing and direct shipping


Our Merchandising Strategy


Constant emphasis is placed on improving our designs to meet the ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-demanding needs of our lifestyles.  Atron maintains a state-of-the-art design department focused on the North American needs and a talented staff to keep in step with our constantly shifting market trends.

Our strategy enables us to provide good value for the retailer and, thus for the consumer.


Atron’s Objectives


• To maintain consumer satisfaction through our products and service

• To build a greater partnership with retail customers to generate strong sales

We have further earned success and profit for our retail partners by practicing ethical and trustworthy business in the specialty lighting and electrical industries.


By recognizing existing and shifting market trends and through proactive market analysis, we strengthen our industry leadership, brand, quality and production capabilities, meeting the consumer’s needs with confidence.


About Atron Electro Industries Inc…

Atron was established in the early 1980’s as a North American manufacturer of decorative electrical products and house ware / hardware solutions.


With over 2000 SKUs in inventory, Atron has become a leading manufacturer of decorative consumer electrical products.

Atron Electro Industries Inc.

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